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Jocelyn will be tackling her biggest adventure yet in August 2018.

The challenge: completing a 620-mile race on semi-wild horses across Mongolia … without getting seriously injured. Known as the toughest and longest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby is inspired by the “pony express” system created under Genghis Khan in 1224, which was instrumental in the expansion of the Mongolian Empire.

There is no trail or marked course, but riders must hit 25 horse stations/checkpoints over 7-10 days, using their own navigation. Riders can only carry 11 pounds of gear and rely on local herders for food and shelter or camp out alone under the stars.

Hundreds of hopefuls apply to compete in the race but only 40 international competitors are selected. Historically, half complete the race. To stand a chance of finishing, riders must balance survival skills and horsemanship, preparing to endure harsh weather conditions, headstrong horses and unforeseen challenges.

Why Jocelyn needs your help:
The race is expensive! Though a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the race is not without costs.

The $12,995 entry fee goes toward:
The Horses-Riders compete on 25-27 different horses, plus 3 for training, and need the assistance of 150 nomadic herders
The Support-A team of vets, a team of medics, and a race crew (to ensure the race is run fairly and smoothly)
Pre-race Training-Three days of medical briefing, veterinary briefing, technical training, and riding practice, both on the steppe and in the classroom.

Most importantly, each Derby competitor’s entry fee helps gives back to Mongolian families who help make the race possible and the official race charity, Cool Earth, works in partnership with indigenous communities to end rainforest destruction.
Jocelyn is asking for $16,000 to help cover some of the other costs she will likely incur: flight ($1,800?), additional medical insurance (and after-the-fact medical bills depending on how things go…), travel insurance, training and gear, etc. etc.

Gifts for Donors as a Thank You for Your Generous Support:

Any donation: Jocelyn’s eternal gratitude and updates on pre-race training and prep, and the Mongol Derby aftermath!

Donation of $50 or more: Jocelyn’s eternal gratitude and freshly baked cookies made by Jocelyn herself

Donation of $100 or more: Jocelyn’s eternal gratitude, freshly baked cookies and a customized coffee mug or water bottle

Donation of $200 or more: Jocelyn’s eternal gratitude, freshly baked cookies, a customized coffee mug or water bottle and customized t-shirt or tote bag

Donation of $500 or more: Jocelyn’s eternal gratitude, freshly baked cookies, and ALL the customized paraphernalia offered

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Funds raised beyond travel expenses will be donated evenly between The Cool Earth and the Brooke.

For more info, visit Jocelyn’s Mongol Derby Facebook Page.